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Greensboro Limo Pricing

Don't assume you can't afford a party bus or limousine bus. Greensboro Limo makes sure all of our vehicles are affordable to everyone! We offer pricing that beats that of our competitors, but our service is still up to snuff! You won't believe the reasonable prices you pay for our top-quality vehicles.

Our prices vary depending on length of service, date of service, destination locations, and type and size of vehicle. Generally, a smaller vehicle is less expensive than a larger vehicle, a weekday is less expensive than a weekend, and pick up in our local service area is less than pick up outside of our local service area. Other ways to cut cost is to consider breaking up the total among your guests and to avoid peak seasons (wedding season, holidays, etc).

We guarantee accurate quotes every time. Have your desired date, amount of passengers, and locations available for the booking specialist, and he or she will be able to tell you exactly how much you will need to pay. This factors in fuel, taxes, and more. We don't surprise you with hidden fees and extra charges. A deposit will be required at the time of reservation. Our pricing policies are easy to understand and customer-friendly. We know that you will enjoy using Greensboro Limo, now and in the future!

For further pricing inquiries or questions you might have, call or email today!